18th century Victorian Novel

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Fraser ‘s Pernicious Casuistry : A Study of Character in Vanity Fair Throughout the course of the novel , Thackeray employs the recurrent theme of the dandy ‘ or as George states

In other words , these characters are seen being prime examples of how Thackeray ‘s novel is concerned with how each character ‘s presentation will determine their success or failure Soon after Thackeray introduces his readers to the world of Vanity Far the reader learns too quickly that these characters belonging to the middle class aspire to be part of the aristocracy hence the role of

Paper Topic: 18th century Victorian Novel Client ‘s Name Date Professor ‘s Name Date Vanity Fair Male Vanity Through the course of history as gender relates to either sex , the flamboyance of either gender is dependent upon culture

This idea will be presented in this essay will textual support from Vanity Fair as well as Laura George ‘s article The Emergence of the Dandy and Russell A

William Makepeace Thackeray explores this concept in his characters and how vanity , or the `color ‘ of the male gender in the Victorian culture , is the motif of everyday living for such protagonists

By focusing upon this concept of the dandy and the effects it can have upon an individual ‘s personality , Thackeray decides to focus upon his male characters , Joseph Sedley and George Osborne , in particular

While the other characters within the novel are capable of accepting whatever amount of dandyism they might have , it is these two characters that remain transfixed upon their ability to maintain being dandy , which ultimately lead them to their unfortunate deaths

sparks , fops , beaux swells , coxcombs , popinjays , macaroni , butterflies (George 2 , a term that can be used to describe men who aspire to be genteel ‘ The dandy was envisioned by a man who went by the name of George Beau Brummell , as George states

The male birds of the Amazon are typically more colorful than their female counterparts , and their mating dance is very unique in its structure and the female for her part does not have to `go through the loops ‘ of such ritual as the male does

The idea of vanity as it is expressed in Vanity Fair will be explored throughout this essay

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