2.During the Republican era (1921 to 1933) economic, political, and foreign policy was not successful at all!

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During the Republican era (1921 to 1933 ) economic political and foreign policy was not successful at all False , the moving assembly line that Henry Ford developed in 1913 for manufacture of the Model T marked only the first step toward full mass production and the beginning of America ‘s worldwide industrial supremacy

An old America founded on rural values had given way to a new urban society in which the production and use of consumer goods led to a very different way of life

The rising tide of urban voters indicated a fundamental shift away the Republicans and toward a new Democratic majority The 1920 ‘s marked a major transition in American politics as well as in social and economic development

With the coming of the new consumer goods industries , the American people by the 1920 ‘s enjoyed the highest standard of living of any nation on earth

Just was important to this boom was that the national per-capita income increased by 30 percent in 1929 During that time a tension between the city and countryside was felt because of this mass migration and immigration due to the cities having industries and jobs , but this also shaped the course of politics in the 1920 ‘s

During the Republican era (1921 to 1933) economic, political, and foreign policy was not successful at all

The danger signs were there of unequal distribution of wealth , the saturation of the market for consumer goods , and the growing speculation all created economic instability

In this brief period , Americans industrial output nearly doubled and the gross national product rose by 40 percent

The Republicans used their return to power after WWII to halt further reform legislation and to establish a friendly relationship between government and businesses

Just as nineteenth century culture had revolved around the farm ant the railroad , so the automobile and the city became the central features of modern America Yet despite the very real economic progress achieved in the 20 ‘s the decade did end in a depression that lasted all through the 30 ‘s

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