3 Discuss France’s foreign policy problems after the Versailles Treaty. By what means could it best obtain security? Was the invasion of the Ruhr wise? Should France have signed the Locarno pact? Should it have made an alliance with Soviet Russia?

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Although nurses ‘ competence with technology is crucial in caring for laboring women , providing continuous labor support is also an important aspect of care in the birth experience (Miltner , 2000

However , many studies have shown that intrapartum unit nurses spend only a small amount of their time providing supportive care to women in labor

These factors include limited numbers of available experienced registered nurses , limited financial resources , rigid organizational processes and structures cumbersome documentation requirements , and decreasing reimbursement by their party payers in the United States (Tumblin Simkin , 2001 During the past century , the practices surrounding childbirth have changed dramatically from woman-supported birth in the home to a highly medicalized process in a hospital setting

The Association of Women ‘s Health Obstetrical and Neonatal Nursing (AWOHN ) identified some barriers that can influence the nurse ‘s ability to provide bedside nursing care

They still require a sense of safety , acceptance , freedom from fear , and the presence of a supportive companion throughout labor and birth (Kayne , Greulich Albers , 2001 The L D nurse , midwife , and physician are often unable to be that support person

Nurses in an intrapartum unit are thus required to possess two sets of skills technical and supportive

Doula is a Greek word that has come to mean a woman experienced in childbirth who

Currently it is common to encounter laboring women connected to an electronic fetal monitor , receiving an infusion of oxytocin to induce labor as well as an epidural infusion for pain relief

Fathers /partners or family members may not be equipped to provide this essential support

One study showed the percentage of time spent in supportive care was 6

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