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Majority of the House Music has the usual component which is a 4 /4 beat produced by a drum machine and accompanied with a solid bassline which is typically electronically produced (A history of House Music The uniqueness of House Music is obviously seen in the way performers produce the sounds that was being generated by different instruments that they are using

S , House Music was linked with things that most Americans would underestimate like gay clubs or black people (The roots of House Music It is evident then that the cultural origins of this particular genre Acid House Music , affected the music itself by being associated with various group of individuals who are apparently discriminated or were undermined by the society

With those instruments , the performers were able to produce Acid House Music and was used in clubs in earlier times In the past , there were various well-known performers of this music Some of them were Frankie Knuckles , Kenny Dixon Jr , Phuture , DJ Pierre Armando , Mr

Noticeably House Music have gone through a difficult time in making it to the music industry because of the adversities it experienced This specific type of Music is unique in a sense that House Music represents a compilation of modes of electronic dance music

Various tryouts were done in this celebrated club and consequently it was there where the Acid House all started (The Beginnings of House of Music In this type of music , there were different instruments that are commonly used

And the latter five were all House musicians in the early times It became a big issue for the people that House Music actually originated in gay clubs and couldn ‘t accept that certain fact

Paper Topic: acid house The Acid House Music or House Music as it is commonly known , started way back in 1977 in Chicago ‘s Southside

in the eighties Works Cited The roots of House Music /The Beginnings of House of Music br A history of House Music Rhapsody

And the instruments itself were major factors why Acid House Music is unique in its nature Apparently , House Music isn ‘t fixed and was performed differently by performers every time they execute it

Some of which are baby scratch , breakdown , chirp scratch crab scratch , drag , fills , flare scratch , forward scratch , hydroplane looping , orbit , rub , scribble , stab scratch , tear , and transformer

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