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It is a fact that addiction can be treated , but why they chose to continue ruining their lives This aims to shed light on how addiction is developed , the steps leading to it and the treatment based on medical facts of this mental dis 2 Addiction commonly refers to harmful pre occupation with substances like alcohol or behaviours like gambling

Stephen has graduated not from college but from being a drug dependent to a full blown drug addict

His wife is a lovely lady , a college graduate and working as a secretary of one of the physicians in the leading hospital in the city Stephen take care of the kids and do the household chores while his wife is working to bring home the bacon

From the definition , it is very clear that addiction is not only connected with drugs or prescribed substances Addiction can be associated also with a particular behavior like gambling or indulging in sex or being a die hard fan of a hard rock group

Stephen after two years of being hooked on drugs became insane and is a menace in the neighborhood There are so many Stephens nowadays and the big question is why they chose a life hooked on drugs

Stephen was seen frequenting one of the houses known to be a hide-away by drug addicts in the neighborhood

His wife is silent on what Stephen is doing and try to hide the fact about Stephen

and she now do the household chores on week ends The children were neglected and learned to fend for themselves from the neighborhood

Paper Topic: Addiction Addiction Stephen is 28 years old , married with two kids and resemble a matinee idol

One day , one of his high school close friends visited their house and invited him to a party the following night That invitation was followed with many nights out stand until gradually Stephen learned to go home in the early morning

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