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I was also nominated for a Servant ‘s Heart award for efforts and commitment in supporting our Patient Centered Care philosophy Currently , I hold active licenses through the State of Tennessee , both as a Medical Technologist and a Licensed Medical Laboratory Supervisor I am Board Certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologist (ASCP ) as a Medical Technologist

As I progress from working as an ly to being a Medical Technologist , I feel that nothing can be compared to the fulfillment of being a part of the team who is committed to saving and improving the lives of people with medical concerns My previous jobs as an ly and a phlebotomist and my trainings in the field of medical assistance and nursing have led me to pursue a Bachelors degree in Medical Technology with minor in Chemistry

My profession as a Medical Technologist and as a Lab Manager has required me not only to acquire knowledge but also to apply the aspects of the courses required as prerequisites for the College of Pharmacy All of these aspects of my life require continued education

By maintaining the CE requirements I have been able to keep abreast of changes in healthcare that impact testing , regulations and the health of my patients In spite of my demanding job schedule , I find time to be a volunteer mentor for Junior Achievement for the Elementary and Middles

As a medical technologist , I have worked with the medical specialist and have provided accurate laboratory results in a timely and precise manner These results are important to confirm a diagnosis or to monitor treatment

As a phlebotomist , I have collected blood either for testing or transfusion This task taught me to have a deeper understanding of the concerns and feelings of patients especially those who were afflicted with cancer Some of these patients have fear for needles due to their negative experiences with some healthcare professionals

After years of working in the laboratory for a large regional hospital , I was elevated to a Laboratory Manager position

Upon completion of my course , I was given the Louis Lutz award for leadership and academic excellence due to my academic achievements My job as a phlebotomist and medical technologist allowed me to have a direct contact with patients in the hospital and blood drives

Throughout my life , I have been involved in the healthcare profession

However , I have managed to allay their fears by patiently searching for the right veins to reduce unnecessary pricking and discomfort to the patients

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