advanced criminology

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Currently the government may have no idea at all how these incidents are greatly establishing a negative result for the overall labor force sector White collar crime is defined to be a criminal act by a person who is regarded with high respect due to his position or influence Sometimes , this labor force status of high degree is used to manipulate acts which are otherwise seen as fraudulent and may put the corporation ‘s or business ‘ stability in compromise (Wikipedia , 2007 In the United States , white collar crime has been contributing to huge losses to corporations which amount to at least 300 billion yearly

This gives them the idea to initiate unfavorable acts since they can easily prepare for whatever results those actions may entail to the organization White collar crimes can be seen as an overlooked matter in the United States

Paper Topic: advanced criminology White Collar Crimes The significant influence of the white collar crime rate has long been debated to affect the United States ‘ economy

The main factor which leads a person to become one can be manufactured by his overall interaction with other people (Sable Burns 1994

Because of this interaction , a person ‘s idea in committing acts becomes more dynamic , realizing how he can overcome personal discipline to take advantage of available resources

According to the information , the most common white collar crimes involve the following structures of procedures public corruption identity theft , consumer fraud , forgery of public documents and computer related crimes such as hacking , trade manipulation and security fraud The United States ‘ corporate world depends highly on the systematic structure of its respective businesses

The theory signifies that white collar crimes are basically just examples on how people learn to become criminals

Because of the relative degradation of work productivity , some companies and other privately structured labor offices are having a hard time in preventing the rise of criminal acts in the white collar job parameter

Since these individuals hold something within their position of influence , it is always very easy for them to manipulate the flow of investigation by using their personal knowledge , power and money Apparently , white collar crimes can be interpreted as an offshoot from a theoretical aspect of analysis

Because of such format , it can be very difficult for the mainstream authorities to identify and prosecute immediately those white collar criminals

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