Advantages and Dissadvantages of Technological communication Devices

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However , on detailed cases given in the news articles , virtual networks and other communication devices pull people from reality For example , in the article Devices Enforce Silence of Cellphones Illegally ‘ by Ritchel (2007 , in a therapy circle while one was discussing about her life regarding sexual abuse , one cell phone rang It more than disturbed the therapy circle as the owner of that phone answered the call , and even conversed with the person on the other end of the line

Paper Topic: Advantages and Dissadvantages of Technological communication Devices Communication Devices : Advantages and Disadvantages Communication Technology geared many lives

More often than not , in relation to those who commonly use similar technology , these people become more enclosed in relating to virtual friends , than real life ones According to the article by Taub , cell yell is a term coined by those who are against them , and this refer to how people speak too loudly on their mobile phones

This aims to distinguish these br advantages and disadvantages as a form of evaluation To begin with , communication devices helped man improve his lifestyle especially on his social aspect of being

Based on the given articles from The New York Times , there were cases where advance communication technology is at a greater disadvantage

People loose their sense of etiquette , the article presented , as people continue to think that they should always respond to their calls and text messages

Moreover , the constantly updating technology of communication devices also paved the way for fast paced business transactions

These technology comprises of mobile phones blogging , and virtual networking

It can be rather discomforting to be informed unintentionally , especially when it concerns death , fear , or anything that could be disgusting Moreover , as the rampant growth of cellphone users pursue the population , so does the probability that people tend to ‘privatizing the public space ‘ as Dr

When one speaks to his or her phone regarding serious or lax issues , people within hearing vicinity will know what he or

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