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2 Chapter Three : Various Types of Advertisement 5 Chapter Four : Benefits of Advertising 10 Chapter Five : Disadvantages of Advertising : 11 Chapter Six : Airlines Marketing Techniques 12 Chapter Seven : Southwest Airlines 13 Chapter Eight : United Airlines 19 Chapter Nine : American Airline 20 Chapter Ten : US Airlines 22 Chapter Eleven :Conclusions 23 Works Cited 25 1

Mails are in no way an exception as ad is made along with the bills and the letters which accompany shiny flyers and circulars promoting products Though the concept of advertisement has centered on product oriented in America , now different concept of advertisement has been practiced by the American corporations mainly to promote the image of the corporation along with its product which has been famously known as advocacy and issue advertising

Paper Topic: Advertising ADEVERTISING IN AMERICAN AIRLINE INDUSTRY Student ‘s Name ———————————- ———————- Professor Name Subject ——————————————– 17 /12 /2007 Chapter One : Introduction 3 Chapter Two : What is advertisement

Advertising is just providing information to consumers so that they can make informed choices on product or service If one look back to the last phase of the 20th century , certain factors in the social , physical and economic environment imply an active role for corporate advertising

However , spending on advertisement has registered a steep increase of 168 billion in 2003 from that of 128 billion in 1997 Spending on advertisement is expected to register a record level of 220 billion in the year 2007 Advertising is an easy target for shoppers and regulators

Winkleman 1985] Consumers are of the opinion that Americans are under attack by advertisers

Introduction Anyone who resides in America is conscious of advertising

At the same time , when products and services come under examination , whether it is food products , a drug or alcoholic beverages , the most likely and expedient target is to go after the marketing

While driving , one can witness billboards or road signs informing the qualities of products or the locality of motels or restaurants

Simon 1990] Due to globalization and ever mounting trade deficit , American economy is now witnessing a most grim confront

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