alphabetic,geographic,numeric, and subject filing systems.

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Though there is a standard prescribed in using an alphabetical filing system , most offices alphabetize their s loosely according to their prerogative scheme (Langemo and Robles A seeming upgraded version of the alphabetic system is the Geographical classification system

When the s of the s are arranged alphabetically , they are in dictionary arrangement Meanwhile , in an encyclopedic arrangement , associated items in a subject are classified alphabetically under a superior caption (Langemo and Robles All of these four filing systems are advantageous for specific types of s

This type of filing system makes it easier to manage documents either by numbering the b of end-tabbed folders , or by utilizing shelf filing equipment , computer index databases , and color coding schemes (Langemo and Robles Finally , when it is inappropriate to categorize records according to names either by individuals , organizations , institutions , locations , or agencies , Subject filing systems are used

However , as much as resources only become assets if properly handled , these s are only of as much use as an institution knows where they are , and how to access the data they contain (Langemo and Robles

Today , government offices and petroleum industries still employ the Geographic classification system in filing land-oriented records (Langemo and Robles Meanwhile , when certain type of records requires numeric ing Numeric classification systems are employed

Paper Topic: alphabetic,geographic,numeric, and subject filing systems

Therefore , it is essential to compare and contrast the features that each filing system can offer so that a reasonable choice can be made Let us first consider the Alphabetic filing system

A user only needs to identify the first letter of the label of the data in question and search for it among the s in the that it appears in the alphabet

In this system , s are arranged by geographic location , e

As the term ‘ direct-access ‘ implies , its advantage is that it is user-friendly because anyone wanting to access information from the s need not check with an index

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