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Its purpose therefore is to guarantee against two extremes : on the one hand , against monarchy and oligarchy , and on the other , against pure democracy or despotism Proposed originally by presidential candidate Lewis Cass , at a time when the Northerners and Southerners were at odds with each other in terms of whether to adopt a stronger or more lenient approach to self-determination among different territories , the doctrine has altogether been dismissed as incompatible to the governing principles and treated only as a spurious political maneuver by Senator Douglas to win the popular vote via political expediency Looking at its merits , the doctrine of popular sovereignty no longer became viable in solving the problem of slavery in the territories , even at the very start , since it a ) contravenes the tenor of the territorial clause which gives Congress full mandate to create and enact laws over territories over matters of slavery , b ) the ambiguous tenets of the doctrine may be construed merely as an avenue for multifarious political compromises from the huge dichotomy of the opposing parties , and last c because , more often than not , the adoption of a popular sovereignty resulted to the creation of more slave states which it seeks to curb or at the most demolish (Eblen , 1968

Paper Topic: American History RUNNING HEAD : Popular Sovereignty Popular Sovereignty [Name] [Institution] The doctrine of Popular Sovereignty is the adherence to the principle that the power to choose and decide on laws resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them

Although further refinements to the doctrine were made , including a more realistic approach , by shielding territories from external intervention and at the same time , allow Congress to draw from this autonomy a series of inherent powers to look over the democratic process of the state , the idea of Popular Sovereignty became largely anachronistic since the emergence of the modern ideas of constitutional laws

These granted Congress the combined general powers of the government and a localized means of control over the local states , a key issue which the doctrine of Popular Sovereignty did not entirely and satisfactorily address and became feasible although quite belatedly , only in the succeeding years when the problem was already mooted Reference Eblen , J

First and Second United States Empires : Governors and Territorial Government , 1784-1912

Pittsburgh : Pittsburgh Press PAGE Popular Sovereignty PAGE 4

These ideas were concrete on its face that they recognize sectional interests of each state in line to the uniform and national policies on matters of slavery

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