American History- Final

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John , John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie , representing the key industries such as banking , steel industry and in the oil industry The expansion of railroad facilitated the growth of industries in America as well as the cheap labor from Chinese immigrants From the close of the 19th century , the United States initiated

This process started with the mechanization of farming By the close of the 19th century , the United States was fourth in manufacturing but the process speeded up in the 20th century that saw it become the largest industrialized nation in the world

Paper Topic: American History- Final Running Head : AMERICAN HISTORY Name Course University Tutor Date In 1877 , the United States of America was reeling under the pressure and aftermath of reconstruction

Majority of those historical events have played a role in shaping the United States seen today The westward migration can be traced to the period when the colonists began their settlement in America , it continued later and for long and has been the source of many queries from many historians who have wondered what it is that drew people west

This resulted to a cause for alarm by most of Americans who believed that the increase in civil and in industrial strife exhibited then was as a result of these immigrants

By 1902 Chinese were indefinitely banned from immigrating to America As far as industrialization is concerned , east was the first to industrialize

Discovery of telephone by Graham Bell and the light bulb by Edison in 1879 was the first sign that industrialization was being felt in the households Major figures and industrialists started to emerge in the various industries

This was unlike before where majority of immigrant were drawn from Western Europe

Relations between the northern and the southern states had become polarized and ethnic animosity was rife America , from this period to date has gone through both smooth and turbulent times

It had taken a racial turn especially with the entrance of foreigners in the migration Americans of Africa descent were not given land in the prime territories in addition to the other marginalized groups such as Mexicans

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