American Literature: postmodern ideas continued in more realistic fiction

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Paper Topic: American Literature: postmodern ideas continued in more realistic fiction p American Literature : postmodern ideas continued in more realistic fiction Introduction American literature is growing like the octopus

The Christian-themed books continue to be popular and dominate the market Books on every important religion like Islam , Buddhism , Judaism and Hinduism are also popular not only among the followers of that Religion but they are in demand from other communities as well Wars and serious conflicts in different parts of the world have also inspired the non-American authors (most of them now settled in America and some brilliant literary works have arrived in the literary horizon of America

What is the present scenario and how are the postmodern ideas continued in more realistic fiction going into the 21st Century in America Factors affecting and influencing the literary scenario in the 21st Century Literature in the United States today is likewise dazzlingly diverse exciting , and evolving

Steamy romances , thrillers , murder mysteries , non-fiction science books , fantasy books for children , anthropological texts sociology , drug reformation and rehabilitation ideas , etc

Literary festivals , book fairs , reading clubs , etc , have become part for those deeply interested in literature

For example , The Kite Runner , by Afghan-American Khaled Hosseini , Reading Lolita in Teheran by Azaar Nafisi , Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden etc Another dominant aspect of the American literature of the 21st century is the unstoppable awakening of women in areas hitherto dominated by men

Right things need to happen to the author of the book at the right time to enter the portals of success

Young women in the age groups of 20s and 30s have come up with novels and books with brilliant ideas , and turned on best-sellers

Social and economic advances have enabled previously underrepresented groups to express themselves more fully , while technological innovations have created a fast-moving public forum (Outline The supporting tools required for the fast growth of all types of literary activities is available in America , and the addition of new avenues is happening without intermission

Due to the intensive promotional activities relating to literature , an unknown author scales great heights fame-wise and monetary gain-wise

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