American Literature: The Second World War and Its Aftermath–Part 2

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Her fiction depicts the historical movements like Great Depression , World War II and the civil rights movement We can feel the beating pulse of suburb in John Cheever ‘s works of fiction

His fiction goes into your heart and soul , fully comprehends what ‘s going inside you and wants the reader to bring out the relationship with you and yourself alone Ellison wrote Science fiction giving the psychological touch to the political world

The most famous of his work of fiction has been A Boy and his Dog Malamud was famous for writing short fiction stories

And the list is endless In the fiction writing , Eudora Welty ‘s name resounds for his hilarious writings reflecting the various aspects of human ‘s life

His later works of fiction shows “the role of the family in sustaining the artist the price of success

Paper Topic: American Literature: The Second World War and Its Aftermath–Part 2 Freudian psychology at the cross roads of the readers soul (Folsom , Ed

From his works one can hear the cries of masculinity and how the males are crushed in the bondage of the corporate world

His stories were composed in The Magic Barrel (1958 , and his second novel , The Assistant (1957 , is very concise and absorbing Baldwin ‘s name became most popular for his first novel Go Tell It on the Mountain (1953

His novel The Grapes of Wrath (1939 proffers the sufferings endured by migrant farm laborers who took a journey by foot into California during the Great Depression

He tries to remove anxiousness from the minds of his male readers

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