American Literature: The Second World War and Its Aftermath

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The story emphasized on the struggle of the protagonist to make hi son realize how a successful life is important so all his life , he tried to tell them that they should of some struggling to get a good life

The work done by Arthur Miller entitled Death of a Salesman ‘ is a very inspirational that portrays a typical situation of a father who wants to make his sons ‘ life successful even if he is already about to die

Both of the stories tried to portray a very emotional type of person by which they can be pictured to be so deprived or something

While the creation of Tennessee Williams which is entitle The Glass Menagerie ‘ is also a sad story whereas the protagonist namely Laura Wingfield was a very shy person

But aside from being sad , the stories go with inspiring the readers on how to face life , even if there are so many hindrances to be happy

However , the protagonist of both stories really gave me the idea that people might not always get what they want but still

It ended up that she was just waiting for nothing Seeing the two stories , I can say that the literary attempts during that period were a story or a composition that encompasses emotions particularly the sad and bad ones

Paper Topic: American Literature: The Second World War and Its Aftermath Two memorable masterpieces were made in to portray what happened before or even evaluate how life has been during and after the Second World War

When the point came when she already found someone who could fulfill her dreams , Jim , her love interest told her that they could not see each other anymore because he is already engaged with someone else


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