American Race Relations

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The approach used should supports the alliance between activist government and racial justice in three key respects as guarantor of civil rights , as custodian of coalition politics , and as sponsor of race neutral strategies that advance the well-being of America ‘s neediest along with that of America as a whole Indeed a society without racial preference has , of course always been the long-term goal of the civil rights movement

Paper Topic: American Race Relations AMERICAN RACE RELATIONS Yes I agree with him because many white Americans have turned , not only against blacks , but also against a strategy that emphasizes programs perceived to benefit only racial minorities (the African-Americans

In contrast , any efforts to treat blacks separately from the rest of the nation are likely to lead to frustration , heightened racial animosities , and a waste of the country ‘s resources and the precious resources of black people The race-neutral programs should be clearly distinguished from the neo-conservative critique of affirmative action that attacks both racial preference and activist social welfare policies

William (2002 ) asserted that in 2002 the accomplishments of the civil rights struggle were clearly registered in the rising number of blacks in professional , technical , managerial , and administrative positions Progress was evident also in the increasing enrollment of blacks in colleges and universities and the growing number of black homeowners

In the 1960s efforts to raise the public ‘s awareness and conscience about the plight of black Americans helped to enact civil rights legislation and affirmative action programs

So while income inequality widened generally in America during the 1980s , it widened even more dramatically among black Americans According to Henderson (1975 ) as noted by William (2002 ) the economy of the blacks in US is bound up with that of the rest of the nation

However , by the end of 1980s the civil rights strategy of dramatizing black disadvantage was backfiring

Policies , programs , and politics designed in the future to cope with the problems of the poor and victimized will also yield benefits to blacks

Only with multiracial support could such programs of social and economic reform get approved in Congress

It could help the Democratic Party regain lost political support , and it could lead to programs that would especially benefit the more disadvantaged members of minority groups without being minority policies

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