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Most common literary forms are the following : folk traditions (folklores , folk songs , folk dances , and folk practices portraits of prominent citizens , landscape paintings , political posters and editorial cartoons /animations , photographs , and popular songs Although it is not explicitly stated in textbooks , there are several criticisms regarding non-literary ‘ forms as subversive sub-culture ‘ and second-rate-mirror ‘ of culture mostly designed to entertain the common mass and /or incite rebellion among the masses /mob I hope to negate this several criticisms by presenting the positive sides of American non-literature and relate why it is an authentic mirror of the old American life Folk traditions are those ways of life mirrored presently in our birth names , home methods (e

Paper Topic: American Studies [author] [instructor] [subject] [date] American Non-Literary Culture Literary appeal is a widely pronounced and studied area in the socio-cultural discipline yet there are things beyond the written form ‘ which mirror the norms and everyday life of our ancestors and those are deemed unwritten ‘ or non-literary that is they have no true evidence yet they are manifested in the present norms , traditions actions and popular culture today Non-literary forms are expressed in broad categories although there are no clear parameters as long as the form /genre is not classified as pure literature

These non-literary items were used for democratic cause and what the journalists cannot tell in public possibly to avoid censure , they display in comical and satirical forms of political posters , editorial cartoons and photographs

Paintings depict the vibrancy of life , the way and tradition (i

Folk traditions are directs manifestations of culture more than what even the written literature can achieve

It is ultimately a celebration of present and a commemoration of past activities all inherent in our daily treatment of life The photographs /portraits of our commemorated presidents and heroes are memories en masse preserved in a frame

farming ) which are etched in every line and /slash of paint colors Political posters , editorial cartoons , and photographs may have served as different tool back then they may have been use as a passive tool for remonstrations against the corrupt government and politicians (sometimes businessmen

The ability of these non-literary forms to incite action among the oppressed cannot be

They graphically represent the works and deeds presented by these history-makers and just by simple glancing , all the details of their greatness flash to the viewer

Landscape painting tells of the stature of the environment in the 1990s and may serve as timetable of change of the environment

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