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Paper Topic: American Studies Piety , Purity , Domesticity , and submissiveness The Ideal of True Womanhood The rise of industrial businesses and professions in America during the nineteenth century paved the way for the creation of a new middle-class These new middle-class families found themselves no longer needing to create what is needed for the family ‘s survival men can just earn the money by working and women can stay comfortably at home and take care of the kids

The home also provided the venue for women to perform religious duties that are `required ‘ under the characteristics of piety Under the philosophy of true womanhood , women also had three masters that they can never question and that they should always obey : fate duty , God , and men (Lavender The existence of these ideals does not mean that all women abided by them

When not pre-occupied with house duties , women can seek recreation only through needlework and craft

The home and the work that is tied down to it provide women with a perfect way of guarding the sanctity of their purity

In this new-born dogma , women are expected to always exemplify these four characteristics : piety , purity domesticity , and submissiveness (Lavender During the nineteenth century , the home is considered as the post of women

Sexual purity was really a big issue for women under the ideal of true womanhood

Anyone – male or female – who is found to be gearing away from what True Womanhood outlines is immediately coined as enemy of God and the state (Welter 152 There were some , though , who successfully bended the rules of true womanhood and shunned the stereotype reserved for them

In so doing , they proved that women ‘s self-fulfillment is not tied down only to the house

This is because women are weak and delicate , wont to surrender to the seducements of the public sphere (Lavender It was exactly the conception of the American middle-class that spawned a new ideology of what a woman should be

Both defied the conventions that were set by true womanhood by seeking independence and trying to earn their own money through writing

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