An analysis of how management accounting techniques are used to support decision-making in organisation

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The figure below shows the four main functions of management accounting operational control , product and customer costing , management control and strategic control Functions of Management Accounting Information Operational control Provide feedback information about the efficiency and quality of tasks performed Product and customer costing Measure the costs of resources used to produce a product or service and market and deliver the product or service to customers Management control Provide information about the performance of managers and operating units Strategic control Provide information about the enterprise ‘s financial and long-run competitive performance , market conditions , customer preferences , and technological innovations The four different functions relate to the different demands for management accounting information

Paper Topic: An analysis of how management accounting techniques are used to support decision-making in organisation An Analysis of how Management Accounting Techniques Support Decision Making in Organization Research Undergraduate Abstract Traditionally , management accounting has been dominated by quantitative financial information

Middle management uses the information to plan and take decisions , while at the highest organizational levels management information is used to support strategic decision making These management accounting techniques are mainly developed as a reaction to changing information needs based on the growing competition for both manufacturing and service companies

Contents Page 1 Literature Review 4 2 Strategic Management Accounting techniques 6 3 Influence of Management Accounting 11 4 Implicit Marginalism 15 5 Conclusions Recommendations 20 6 References 22 Literature Review Management accounting is the process of identifying , measuring reporting and analyzing information about economic events of organizations

It seems that these techniques might be also useful to integrate sustainable considerations into decision- making , due to their growing attention for quality , non- financial aspects , activities and long-term perspective In the accounting literature it is well remarked the external orientation of Strategic Management Accounting

Non-financial and qualitative information , such as quality and process times and more subject information on customer satisfaction and new product performance , are considered important aside the traditional financial related information

This aims to analyze the use of management accounting techniques in support of decision making in the organization Table of Contents S

The difference between traditional management accounting systems and new developed techniques merely lies in the expansion of the type of management information they generate

The management accounting techniques , such as Activity Based Costing and the Balanced Business Score Card , are mainly developed as a reaction to changing information needs driven by a growing competitive environment

The balanced scorecard is used to evaluate business performance by a set of indicators with a financial , customer business and organizational learning perspective

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