An analysis of The Crying of Lot 49

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This is aimed at researching the first section of the novel through the prism of realistic fantasies An Analysis of The Crying of Lot 49 Introduction The Crying of Lot 49 has become one of the brightest works of fiction written by Thomas Pynchon

There is nothing fantastic in the scene , when Oedipa was trying to realize the seriousness of the letter , as well as trying to determine how she should have reacted to it

It seems that the reader finds himself surrounded by the reality of his own fantasies When I started reading The Crying of Lot 49 , it seemed to me I would plunge into the whirl of fantastic and sometimes unclear events , which are characteristic of scientific fantasies in literature

As a result , the task of separating fantasies from realities has appeared easier than I had thought before The first section of the novel begins with the event , which will create the logical line of consequences and various circumstances through the whole story

Even though we find numerous examples of fantasies in the story , it is more realistic than fantastic

The letter put her into the wave of confused memories and feelings , which she initially wanted to escape : Oedipa stood in the living room , stared at by the greenish dead eye of the TV tube , spoke the name of God , tried to feel as drunk as possible

What I had to face could rather be called real than fantastic , with only the names of places and characters being the product of Pynchon ‘s imagination

In his work The Crying of Lot 49 , Thomas Pynchon has executed a scientific method of writing , in which fantasy is closely mixed with reality

The first section of the novel is the key to the major motifs , themes and associations , connected with protagonists

10 Trying to feel as drunk as possible served a kind of mechanism for psychological protection and was actually opening the eyes

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