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Probably to find a way to inform the public about the results of the evaluation process and at the same time maintain the privacy and confidentiality of parties concerned (Pandiani , Banks Scacht , 1998 ) Principles or guidelines for evaluators that are presented by the American Evaluation Association will be discussed in the succeeding paragraphs The process of evaluation must be done through thorough and systematic research based on gathered facts and data

There are also principles that evaluators should exhibit and follow during the evaluation process to ensure professionalism and impartiality (AEA 2003 These principles and guidelines were formulated to resolve the issues of personal privacy and confidentiality , and the accountability of the evaluator to the public , the client , the stakeholders , and the participants in general

This is applicable in evaluations that are funded or supported by the government or public institutions and organizations However , the principle of putting the greater good as a priority does not hold true in instances where evaluation is asked for by a private organization , institution or an individual client

In addition , evaluators should employ research and data-gathering techniques that are scientific and are of high standards Before evaluation is initiated , the evaluator and the client must agree on the evaluation procedures and techniques , taking into consideration certain theories and approaches and limitations revolving around the subject

Evaluators conduct the process of evaluation , research , and scrutiny of every detail in any aspect , such as the evaluation of programs and policies , staff and personnel performance , etc

Paper Topic: ANALYSIS Evaluation is a very significant tool in affecting change because it produces desirable and necessary results from the assessment process that would influence progress and development

After the evaluation process , the results and the analysis of data gathered must also be discussed with the client and given further review to identify the actions that must be done later on

This is to guarantee that all information that has resulted from the evaluation process is precise and reliable

To resolve these conflicting issues of public interest and privacy , evaluators must be able to respect the concerns and values of both sides

Evaluators possess a vital role in society therefore , there is a need to abide by a set of guidelines to ensure that critiques , judgments , and conclusions are done fairly and accurately

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