Analysis of the play `Death of a Salesman`

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His other plays are The Crucible ‘ and Broken Glass Death of a Salesman ‘ is a look on the conflict that occurs in a family while it addresses the conflict of the members among themselves At the same time , it discusses the national values in the United States Miller sets the play at a town that embraces capitalist materialsim which obscures the moral vision and personal truths of Americans (Murphy , 34 The inspiration for the play is Miller ‘s real-life conflict with his uncle , Manny , who is a salesman

Paper Topic: Analysis of the play `Death of a Salesman` Analyzing Death of a Salesman Death of a Salesman ‘ by Arthur Miller is a classic American play

The conflict of the play begins when Willy regards his son Biff as a failure Willy had worked his entire adult life

The main theme of the play is the American Dream and the striving for success and wealth while disregarding principle This was the play that set Miller on the map

By touching the pysche of his uncle and manifesting it in Willy , Miller was able to touch his audience The play revolves around Willy Loman

Willy confronts his boss , Howard Wagner , and was fired Willy turns to his next-door neighbor Charley for a loan , despite his contempt and jealousy that his only friend is more successful than he Charley offers the un-employed Willy a job

It turns out he was only useful to the company as a traveling salesman

Willy ‘s expectations on his sons have a negative effect

Happy , the youngest , lies in to appear as if he were the perfect son

It is ironic that Charley , who Willy often tells his sons as not liked , is

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