Analyze the story `Rappaccinis Daughter`

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shtml Analysis of Rappaccini ‘s Daughter [Name] [Instructor] [Course] [Date]Analysis of Rappaccini ‘s Daughter “Rappaccini ‘s Daughter ” is one of Hawthorne ‘s most complex romances

Ironically , the wife of Vertumnus is Pomona , the goddess of fruit trees , but no fruit trees are present in this garden (Gale 422

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The preface to the tale presents some important information about both the author and his work

Gale identifies Hawthorne ‘s quote about the woman fed on aconite , who is given as a present to Alexander the Great

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According to Robert Gale ‘s A Nathaniel Hawthorne Encyclopedia , the idea for the tale might have come from Pseudodoxia Epidemica by Sir Thomas Browne (420

de L ‘Aubepine (French for Hawthorne , whose tale is about to be presented in translation (Thompson 125

In addition , Giovanni has just left home for the first time , and he is a bit homesick for his native Naples

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