Analyzing `The Bostonians` through 3 theoretical lenses

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Olive is active in the suffragette movement and she meets with other women in their homes to talk about women ‘s issues such as the right to vote She aims to promote Verena Tarrant as a lecturer in social reform , a role that she envisions will eventually lead Verena away from the world and (we assume ) into her life Olive didn ‘t go to parties it was one of those weird meetings she was so fond of “What kind of meetings do you refer to

Paper Topic: Analyzing `The Bostonians` through 3 theoretical lenses Content Analysis of selected passages in the Bostonians in relation to three theoretical perspectives Kristeva ‘s psychoanalysis , Lacanian psychoanalysis and radical feminism The Victorian age was largely characterized by notions of propriety and decorum

Luna that Olive is active in `meetings of witches and wizards ‘ and `roaring radicals By contrast , James presents Basil Ransom as a quintessential Southern gentleman , which we realize later makes him the perfect foil to Olive for the affections of Verena

For the purposes of discussion , `deviant ‘ in this case by no means refers to a moral judgement on the characters involved , it is only a term that we will use to describe the characters in relation to the norms of Victorian society The novel consists of three main characters : Olive Chancellor who is in love with Verena Tarrant

You speak as if it were a rendezvous of witches on the Brocken “Well , so it is they are all witches and wizards , mediums , and spirit-rappers , and roaring radicals Basil Ransom stared the yellow light in his brown eyes deepened “Do you mean to say your sister ‘s a roaring radical “A radical

If we take that Victorian standard of conduct as the norm , it was not allowed in Victorian society for a man to be attracted to another man , or for a woman to develop an attraction for another woman

These forms of relationship not only had negative consequences for the reputations of the families involved , they were also potentially damaging to businesses and the various spheres of society It was in this frigid atmosphere of control and repression that Sigmund Freud first developed his theory of psychoanalysis , which gave rise to Kristeva ‘s linguistic approach to psychoanalysis and Lacan ‘s subject- oriented psychoanalysis

The following passage aptly describes Basil (He had ‘such magnificent eyes Those of Basil Ransom were dark

If you are going to dine with her you had better know it (James ch1 When Basil Ransom visits Olive ‘s house at the start of the novel , he is informed rather casually by Mrs

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