approve the gun control

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People also need to e taught self-defense tactics that work when they are facing and armed gunman but that should be secondary to the creation of stronger gun controls To make our society safe , we must enact stronger gun controls to help us reduce or eliminate school shootings and begin making our cities less violent CONCLUSION Proponents of hand guns and concealed carry permits will argue that almost every gun-related tragedy could have been avoided if there had been one person present who was trained to legally carry a handgun and was doing so

If guns were harder to access , fewer people would die in gun-related violence The Second Amendment right to ebar arms was never intended to assure that murderers and the mentally unstable would have easy access to guns and it is past time to end the loop holes , change the laws and make America safe

Tragedies like the shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado and at Virginia Tech could have been avoided if there were more gun control and stricter enforcement of the existing gun laws

But even in more important in curbing the incidents of school shootings , gun violence and shootings like occurred at the Omaha shopping mall is to regulate the availability of guns

Paper Topic: approve the gun control INTRO – In the wake of the shooting earlier this month at an Omaha shopping mall , it is a good time to revisit the issue of gun control

Clearly something must be done to find a way to control gun violence

It is therefore imperative that people learn how to react to a gun threat and how to take the best action ‘s to defend themselves

Too often we have national tragedies because of easy access to firearms

While this may have resulted in saved lives , there is never a guarantee that someone else is going to be around to save you in the event of a gun emergency


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