Are reason and emotion equally necessary in justifying moral decisions?

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If we feel afraid or threatened our actions may result more from this than from any logical reasoning for instance in deciding to revenge against a bully who has been terrorizing one ‘s kid brother by physically beating him , it is evident that the decision is based more on emotion than reason Reasoning is not limited to use in the natural sciences only the social sciences also make use of induction and deduction especially where statistics are used to make a point

Most decisions that human beings make are based on both logic and emotion and it is unusual to find that one has used logic alone , although there are situations where emotion has been largely responsible for a decision The use of either reason or emotion is dependent to a great extent on the situation

Moral reasoning is in many ways an aspect of practical reasoning because it has to do with reasoning in to arrive at a decision concerning what to do and whether it is right or wrong

The inductive method is useful in the social sciences which often look at the past and /or the present for answers , something which the social sciences focus on as they look at the behaviour of men Bhagavad-Gita stated that emotion has the advantage of being open to all

Most of the discussion concerning reason focus on the ability it has to assist people in making decisions about what is true and the relationship it has with other concepts such as language and logic and consciousness

Some situations will generally require more reason than emotion for instance the natural sciences represent an area of knowledge acquired through observation

Logic is an important aspect of reason and involves deduction and induction so that one can reach a conclusion

An emotion is a reaction pattern involving behaviour and physiological elements an individual may use it to deal with a significant event

Paper Topic: Are reason and emotion equally necessary in justifying moral decisions

Some situations are inappropriate for using explicit reasoning

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