Aristotles ideas of drama

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Aristotle would never accept payment for his teachings (Aristotle Barnes Pg 5 Aristotle ‘s view on the source of knowledge was perception (Aristotle Barnes Pg 58 He felt that everything we do to grasp reality begins with perception Perceptual observations are the grounds by which our concept of reality exists Another quote from Aristotle backing this point says , If we do not perceive anything , we will not learn or understand anything , and whenever we think of anything we must at the same time think of an idea (Aristotle Barnes Pg 58

He believed that knowledge and teaching went hand in hand , and regarded teaching as the proper manifestation of knowledge ‘ The Lyceum is where Aristotle spent most of his time reading his lecture notes to students anxious for self-realization

A quote of his states- the acquisition of wisdom is pleasant all men feel at home in philosophy and wish to spend time on it , leaving all other things aside ‘ In this quote Aristotle uses the word Philosophy not as a means of gathering academic knowledge but as a means to search for all knowledge of the academics , soul , and thought

There was not a set course of learning rather there was a great obtaining of knowledge that sprang from the depths of Aristotle ‘s thought and studies

Paper Topic: Aristotles ideas of drama Aristotle In 384 BC , Nicomachas and Phaestas experienced the birth of their son , Aristotle , in a small town on the north east coast of the peninsula of Chaldice called Stagira

This will free one from the restrictions of mortal thought According to Aristotle man possesses a natural want for knowledge

The Lyceum was not a moneymaking , competition oriented learning facility it was a sanctuary of thought learning , and exploring the mind and soul

Aristotle believed that happiness of man involved contemplation and intellectual activity (Aristotle , Barnes

He was also interested in the search for knowledge (Aristotle , Barnes

I believe that Aristotle ‘s strong belief in knowledge as a right of man contributed to all of this

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