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click “print ” to continue or “done ” to close this window done br color-code matches br yes no br br default mode br show highest matches together show matches one at a time quickview (classic ) report br br auto-navigation br jump to next match scroll to next match br br br Save Cancel br br br br Similarity 0 br br exclude quoted exclude bibliography br br download br print br mode br show highest matches together show matches one at a time quickview (classic ) report br br br Venus Through Art Through the development of art , the fascination of the female body has been a main motif

This is not to say that female artists have not taken up the trend which she invokes , but the purpose here is to discover how differently she is seen through their eyes in comparison with male visions of ‘love

This deadness is intriguing considering that the subject of the piece is love “Father Time tears back the curtain from Fraud in the upper left-hand corner to uncover Venus and Cupid in an incestuous embrace , to the delight of Folly , who is armed with roses , and the dismay of Jealousy , who tears her hair , as Pleasure , half-woman and half-snake , proffers a honeycomb (Janson 486

It is Venus , Roman Goddess of love who has intrigued the artist , and held their attention for well over a few centuries

She has been not only Venus , but also Aphrodite (the Greek Goddess of Love , she has been Mary , mother of Christ in Gothic tradition and she had been found in the countless faces of women depicted by Picasso , Monet , Degas , Warhol (for isn ‘t Monroe a goddess

Earlier in the semester , there have been studies of females presenting viewers with their view of femininity

The link in these references is that this goddess , whomever she is , is holding the fascination of male artist

Agnolo Bronzino “Allegory of Venus ” Bronzino pulls back a curtain of a painting to present two lovers

All of these things are what love turns into with time – Bronzino is reflecting

Venus , Aphrodite , Mary , and the genre of today have in common the powerful feminine pulchritude , which artists have found alluring and which still prevails for today ‘s audiences

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