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It is easy to condemn those who felt that the Atomic Bomb was a blessing from God It is also easy , however , to thank God for the creation of the Atomic Bomb , especially from the point of view of one who was really there , one who had placed his own life on the line to fight a war against an equally savage and brutal enemy ATOMIC BOMB Page PAGE 1 of NUMPAGES 1

This short discourse will discuss a few of the points that Paul Fussell makes in his essay and will also dissect certain arguments in light of the aftermath of the Second World War in an attempt to answer the question on whether or not God should indeed be thanked for the Atomic Bomb The main argument of Paul Fussell revolves not around the time that it would take for Japan to eventually surrender to the Allied Forces but more on the fact that had not the bomb been dropped , there would still be an escalating death count on both sides

Paper Topic: Atomic Bomb When Ernest Rutherford first split the atom , little did he know that such an invention would eventually lead up to the development of the atomic bomb that would be capable of splitting nations

In the two or three weeks that it was projected that Japan would have eventually surrendered had not the bomb been dropped , the death toll would have amounted to over twenty-one thousand (21 ,000 ) casualties for the allies alone At the onset it seems that Allied lives are valued more by Paul Fussell than the lives of others

That the dropping of the Atomic Bombs not only accelerated the surrender of Japan but also led to the end of the Second World War which saved millions of lives around the world Before arguing at how casual Paul Fussell presents the death figures (Those that could be saved and those that were lost , it is important to first understand his perspective on the matter

A careful perusal of his argument shows that this was not the death toll that was important but the fact that the bombings served another purpose : to hasten not only the surrender of Japan but also the end of the Second World War It is arguable that Italy and Germany would not have surrendered had it not lost its ally in the Pacific but at the same time it stands to reason that if the United States did not show any reluctance in bombing two cities in Japan it would not hesitate to do the same on Italy and Germany

To argue therefore that the dropping of the Atomic Bomb resulted in a victor would be to ignore the stark reality that while the lives of many soldiers were saved , they would remain shattered husks their entire lives

To unnecessarily implicate those that play no part in it would be unjust As such , there can actually be no valid justification as to why the atomic bombs were dropped As many World War Two historians and novelists ‘ remark , Death is not an adventure to those who face it ‘ when war is depicted from the view of a writer or on the silver screen , it seems that war is where heroes are made the good always triumphs over evil and life becomes so much better after winning the war

The death toll that the military would accumulate was not so much the main reason as it was the destruction of the cities and countries had the war ensued in the Pacific The decision to drop an Atomic Bomb can however be justified , and rightly so by Paul Fussell , by the effect that in had on the Second World War

Had the bomb not been dropped then these people might not have been around It is myopic and napve , however , to accept all of the justifications of Paul Fussell on why the Atomic Bomb was justly dropped

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