Baath Party

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1 The political ideals promulgated by the party then spread into the areas of Syria and expanded in other Arab countries The history of Baathist ‘s party in Syria can be described as a constant struggle for power

By incorporating the proper ideals prescribed by the founders and promoting efficient measures to address these issues , the Baath party became a dominant force both in local and international politics History Tracing the history of the party can be dated back from the early 1940 ‘s

The three men , Fayiz Ismail Wasfi al-Ghanim and Sulayman al-Eisa – returned to Syria and joined political scientist Zaki al-Arsoozi , who was intent on founding al-Baath (renaissance ) party (Aljazeera

Upon their return to Baghdad in 1949 , they established the Iraqi Baath Party ‘ Their efforts never became unnoticed for they were recognized by the grand party in Syria

Articulated as the principle of Arab nationalism , the Baath movement was one of several political groups that drew legitimacy from an essentially reactive ideology (The Syrian Encyclopedia

Paper Topic: Baath Party The constant struggle to promote interests has cultivated the creation of the Baath Party

1 The next section will present the historical foundation of the party in Iraqi politics

The founding of the party in Iraq can be attributed to three men who formed the Ba ‘ath party

The party membership grew steadily from just 50 members in 1951 until they gained recognition by the Baath National Leadership in Damascus (Aljazeera

1 Ideologies The Ba ‘ath party ‘s ideology revolves around the promotion of Arab nationalism

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