`Bad Therapy` by: Kottler & Carlson

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Paper Topic: `Bad Therapy` by: Kottler & Carlson In the book Bad Therapy : Master Therapists Share Their Worst Failures ‘ by Jeffrey A Kottler it shows how other therapists use psychotherapy and how the therapists deem certain sessions as bad therapy

Between them , the authors alone have written over 70 books on counseling and psychotherapy The majority of these therapists are working in a public professional life

I found this and the more general reflections on the theme of what makes therapy bad helpful to me considering a career in the clinical practice The refreshing honesty of the therapist ‘s accounts that gave me a sense of the tensions that arise during these sessions , projecting an image of perfection , and stories of miraculous successes (p

It also helped me to reflect on the high expectations we put on ourselves as therapist to train well and to be viewed as doing a good job in the eyes of our clients , peers , trainers and supervisors

Good and bad can become intertwined with emotionally charged meaning along the success-failure road and their use is dependent upon expectations of good techniques or good interpretations

Each chapter is a narrative account of the conversation the authors had with the therapist who was asked to talk about incidences in his or her clinical practice which evoked uncomfortable memories , feelings of regret or guilt , or a sense of failure

In the preface the authors explained that they selected the participants because all were prominent and influential , had a body of published work and years of clinical experience

When the authors began this work their aim was to create an opportunity by which some of the most prominent therapists in the field could talk about what they considered to be their worst work in to encourage other practitioners to be more open to admitting their mistakes

These words made me reflect on the nature of idealization and its opposite , devaluation on what success and failure means in therapy

The authors are among the 22 therapists who agreed to participate in the project

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