Band of Brothers written by Stephen E. Ambrose

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Here the story is significant for a soldier because the story is about the everyday life of a soldier in the boot camp and in the field – not a story about generals and admirals usually made by most movie companies It tells a soldier that even how much he has suffered while training it doesn ‘t guarantee that he would survive in war From Toccoa the company was sent to Fort Benning for their jumping course

Members of the battalion voluntered for the job for the money , thrill , honor and to be the best among the ordinary infantry men Because the Band of Brothers was narrated from the points of view of the soldiers of Company E or the Easy Company , the story is unique for the narration was so vivid that a reader would feel that he is there fighting with the band of brothers

There was chaos all around but many maintain their composure as hardened soldiers of Easy Company Their job was to silence the German artillery and neutralize the enemy soldiers guarding the guns

They effectively put their hard training into practice The highlight of the Band of Brothers is how Lt

Their earlier training at the boot camp hardened them physically that they even outlasted the physical fitness trainers at the fort This is the reality about soldiery

After only five jumps , ironically they were made as parachutists , and after nine months of training were sent to England on board a transport ship to prepare themselves for the invasion against the Third Reich of Hitler The writer narrates the daily regimen of the company while in training in England

The narration was from the points of view from both the officers and men of the Easy Company Both the movie and the book depict the confusion , heroism and struggle during the time the company jumped into the countryside where they were separated from each other

Paper Topic: Band of Brothers written by Stephen E

book review Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose It was in 1942 when the second battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment , 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army was formed in Toccoa , Georgia

There are soldiers who are better than the trainers themselves

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