Best Practice on Teen Alcoholism and Drug Use

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Paper Topic: Best Practice on Teen Alcoholism and Drug Use Paul Padia 11-27-07 Modern approach to teen substance abuse help and management methodologies Author : Paul Padia Prescott College Teen drug and alcohol abuse management is aimed at arresting adverse indulgence that lead to clinical cases

A sample of six middle income families and six high level income families responded to a questionnaire about if their teenage children were involved in alcoholism

Only two of the middle level parents admitted to alcoholism in their teens while out of the six respondents from the higher income family five admitted their teens were into mild and profound alcoholism ( HYPERLINK “http /www

Increased exposure to wages in the low level income families has upped the level of substance abuse and alcoholism in teenagers

Teenage girl alcoholics are on the rise within the low level income families

Teens from poor families are less aggressive in alcoholism while those from rich families are indulgent

Social integration in this age level and addressing this plight in a concerted effort is necessary in school level and beyond On a cross cultural-community approach , more black and Hispanic teens are engaging in alcoholism

Alcoholism often takes place between 3pm and 7pm are on the rise among teen students ( HYPERLINK “http /www

A certain portion of this group is involved in irresponsible sexual behavior and prostitution while some are working as young prostitutes This constant rise in alcoholism and depression is seen in the context of declining literacy in the teens

Factors such as stress , abuse , stereotyping lead to depression

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