big five trait theory

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On the basis of psychoanalysis of personality theory , the big five personality traits are based on five broad dimensions of personality , and this has been discovered through empirical research , and they are categorized as openness conscientiousness , extraversion , agreeableness , and neuroticism (OCEAN These are the descriptive model of a person ‘s personality (Barrick Mount , 1991 A number of theories do exist which attempts to describe the key traits of human being and one of the most common and earliest introduced is the theory that is concerned with the inborn , genetically determined traits known as temperaments introduced by Sigmund Freud by the name of Carl Jung

However , this theory was further developed by Myers and Briggs C (Jung ‘s theory students ) and developed a personality test based an Jung ‘s temperament which is now known as the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI , which has actually become one of the most famous personality test of all time (Bagby , Marshall Georgiades , 2005 Quite often traits are seen as opposites , and the first set of this is contrast between introversion and extraversion , the first refers to the tendency of one preferring the world inside oneself , like shyness distaste for social functions , and love of privacy while the latter extraversion is the tendency to look to the outside world and in specific , for one ‘s pleasures

Paper Topic: big five trait theory Running Head : Big Five trait theory Name University Course Tutor Date Introduction A trait , this is a characteristic way in which an individual perceives feels , believes or acts

It is therefore up to the task of an introvert to behave more like an extravert or as an extravert learn to behave more like an introvert , although it is not easy to switch between the two

But some cultures see extraverts as the oddballs (Barrick Mount , 1991 But whether one is introvert or extravert , one is either born with or not and remain that way for the rest of his /her life

They are the major issues in personality , development , and mental health , although there is currently no evidence for this (McCrae Costa , 1990 Furthermore , there is a contrast between sensing and intuiting people because in sensing , it means getting

In fact in our current society is very pro-extravert , to the point of seeing introversion as abnormal and funnily seeing shy people to be in need of therapy

Most psychologists especially personologists are interested in finding what kind of traits that are broad and perhaps genetically based , as opposed to those that are peculiar and changes very easily

We use trait to describe someone , whether he or she is an introvert , a petty nervous person , strongly to the family and whether they are very intelligent

Many extraverts ‘ people , this makes introverts most times feel a bit put upon

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