Billy Budd

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He is condemned not for mutiny but of killing someone unintentionally Billy Budd illustrates the power of innocence and goodness over evil Melvin wrote this story in witness to his ultimate faith that evil is defeated and that natural goodness is invincible (Bloom and Weaver 1996 , p28-29

Billy ‘s very innocence tells against him in the peculiarly loaded circumstances of the tragedy (Shaw 1993 Billy Budd is a simple and napve sailor removed from the merchant ship and impressed into service in His Majesty ‘s Navy

Billy Budd was the child of his old age because it was written six months before he died Many critics have hailed Billy Budd as one of the masterpieces of Herman Melville On the surface it is an exciting story and engrossing a beautiful young lad who is about to aboard a ship

Paper Topic: Billy Budd Billy Budd 1 Understanding Billy Budd To be innocent is not to be guilty but to be virtuous is to overcome our evil inclinations

And ultimately , it is no less than an allegory about the war between Good and Evil In Billy Budd , an uncanny sailor with the ability to inspire his comrades must be penalized because he strikes and kills an officer who has brought false witness against him

Shock with the unexpected accusation , he punches him not knowing it will be fatal when Claggart strikes his head on the deck In this context , Billy ‘s innocence refers not only to the charge of mutiny of which he is not guilty but also to his youthfully napve character

Vere , believing that the charge is immaterial , offers Billy to communicate and reply to the Billy Budd 2 accusation But Billy , who stutters in moments of stress , cannot express himself verbally

It was these experiences where the materials of his works were conceived including Billy Budd , Sailor in 1924

On a deeper level though , it is the story of a man ‘s innocence which leads to a tragedy , of Billy Budd ‘s fate

Claggart accuses Billy as a mutineer

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