Biology 101 / Photosynthesis

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It is that process that finally allows the plants to produce their own food to survive In the second , light-independent Calvin reaction , the final electron carriers from the first reaction NADPH and ATP bring together the electrons they are carrying (in other words : the conserved solar light energy ) with carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the low-energy sugar RuBP with the help of an enzyme called rubisco to form (after addition of some phosphate groups and electrons from the light-dependent reaction ) the high-energy sugar G3P

The first step is the light-dependent light reaction , which is normally followed by the second , light-independent Calvin or C3 cycle In the light-dependent reaction , light energy is absorbed via the molecular complexes photosystems I and II and transformed into storable chemical energy

Paper Topic: Biology 101 / Photosynthesis Photosynthesis Photosynthesis (formed from the Greek words phos ‘ for light and synthesis ) very basically means the production of organic manner (carbohydrates ) and oxygen (as a waste ‘ product ) and the transformation of (solar ) light energy into chemical energy by photoautotrophic organisms such as plants , alga and some bacteria

In other words , because photosynthesis produces high-energy sugar to eat and oxygen to breathe no plants and animals (including us humans ) could exist without this process In their leaves and other green parts almost all plants house special organelles , so called chloroplasts , which are stuffed with the green pigment chlorophyll and actually make a plant green

The second important feature of the light-dependent reaction is that after the energy boost they get from sun energy , the electrons do not just release heat or light , but are transferred to another molecule , the so called initial electron acceptor

First , the light energy from the sun splits water molecules and by that produces the electrons transmitted to NADPH and ATP as well as the oxygen all plants and animals need for their respiration

This sugar represents the end product of photosynthesis and is used by all plants as energy source to grow and reproduce

This is achieved by energetically boosting electrons that originate from water with the energy of sunlight , and transmitting them via various electron carriers into the electron carriers NADPH or ATP

Hence , it is this sugar , which finally represents the base for all living organisms on earth In addition to the described normal ‘ way of photosynthesis , special conditions can occur in certain plants

Two fundamentally important reactions happen within this first step of photosynthesis

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