Blade Runner

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Paper Topic: Blade Runner Your Name Teacher ‘s Name Class December 16 , 2007 `Blade Runner : A study in Humanity Identifying all the instances of reference to premature death in Blade Runner ‘ is a difficult task since that is the theme of the entire movie and in some ways , its tie to The Great Gatsby

Near the end of `Blade Runner , Gaff (Edward James Olmos ) tells Deckard that it is too bad that Rachel will die because she is a replicant and is built with the four-year false safe of all replicants , but that no one lives anyway

Scott Fitzgerald is also embracing the thought that people should live for the moment rather than being tied to conventions and the dictates of society Perhaps the most obvious reference throughout the movie to the limited lifespan of the replicants is the fact that Bryant and others refer to the process of killing a replicant as retirement

In the movie and in the book , the main character and narrator defines how the viewer sees the other characters , from Harrison Ford ‘s narration as Rick Deckard to Nick Caraway ‘s introduction to The Great Gatsby

This insistence on defining them as somehow less than human makes killing them easier Another interesting symbol of the works relationship to death is the use of the unicorn in Deckard ‘s dreams and in the end , as an origami unicorn that Gaff leaves for Deckard

This too is consistent with the theme throughout the movie that although replicants have a built in termination date , it makes them more willing to live out their dreams as soon as they can because they are unlikely to get the chance later

The unicorn ‘s horn is mythology was thought to offer those who consume it eternal life and the unicorn itself was considered an image of purity and innocence

Rick Deckard has spent his lifetime hunting and retiring ‘ replicants that make it to earth only to find that he falls in love with one

It is interesting then that this creature of fantasy would play such a prominent role in the grittiness of Blade Runner

It is this refusal to acknowledge that they are in fact killing a living being that is most interesting with regard to the premature death of the replicants

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