breast milk vs. formula milk

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Breast milk also strengthens child ‘s immune system , helps mylenization and growth of nervous system motor sensory development , smooth skin , body inner lining , vision hearing and other senses , improves digestion , development of digestive and respiratory system (Van Voorhees , 2006 Constituents of breast milk Cholesterol enhances myelinization of nervous tissue Choline Memory enhancement Docsohexanoic acid necessary for growth and development of the brain and retina , also for myelinization of nervous tissue Enzymes such as lipases Helps in digestion of fats Glutathione peroxidase , alkaline phosphatase , xanthine oxidase important in prevention of infection Inositol enhances synthesis of surfactant in immature lung tissue Lactoferrin binds iron and transports it efficiently into the baby prevents iron from being used by gut bacteria Lactoferrin (above , lysozyme , secretory immunoglobulin A line intestinal surface , prevent bacterial attachment and infection Nucleotides building blocks of DNA , RNA , and energy storage compounds enhance formation of immunity to infection Poly- and oligo-saccharides block bacterial binding to intestinal surfaces Proteins There are receptor proteins and binding protein , bind calcium and zinc for absorption by the baby supply amino acids to the baby White blood cells Help protect infant from bacteria and foreign body invasion

The debate is highly controversial whether women should breast-feed their newborns or whether they should use formula milk Even stay-at-home moms have now started believing that formula milk is better than their own milk due to aggressive advertising claiming that formula milk is unbeatable (Brisbane times , 2007 Several studies have shown that breast milk is healthiest nutrition for newborn (Boyd et al , 2006 Lawrence , 1999

Formula milk Breast Milk Breast milk is much better than formula milk , nutrition wise and health wise

Transmit maternal immunity to infant ‘s immune system Taurine important for bile acid function Formula Milk Formula milk should only be given if breast milk is not available for the

Even medical professionals have regarded breast feeding as a very basic and essential nutrition for first six to twelve months of a baby ‘s physical and neurological growth Breast milk posses several important nutrients and constituents that formula milk lacks

Mother ‘s milk also contains antibodies that help smooth infant ‘s defense system and protect him from various bacterial invasions

Mother milk also has sufficient amount of minerals and hormones for the infant to help with digestion and other body functions

formula milk BismiAllah hir Rahman nir Raheem Breast milk v

As working population of women is growing , more and more women are switching to formula milk for their newborns

Breast milk also provides sufficient amount of calcium for development of strong bones and teeth in infant

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