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The Miss Elliot was hoping to marry the character of Frederick Wentworth [a naval officer who was not rich , at all] but Anne had been persuaded by her godmother (Lady Russell ) to free herself of her deep attachment to Wentworth , for as Harold Bloom writes in his Plot Summary of Persuasion ‘ a part of Bloom ‘s Major Novelists : Jane Austen , it was important that Anne marry someone of higher rank and greater wealth (33

Harold Bloom analyzes Persuasion ‘ by indicating , In this novel , where the old is made laughable and the hero[ine] represents a world of risk and movement , Austen concludes not by confirming traditional values as she does in her other novels but by gesturing toward new territory (34 Charles Dickens never really thought that he would become a very famous writer , until A Christmas Carol , made it impossible for him to be otherwise

However , what sets Persuasion ‘ apart from the other works of Jane Austen , is the joyful ending that Austen had dedicated to Ms

Elliot , even if Anne is and again , as Harold Bloom puts it , the only one of her heroines who has an unhappy past (34

Carolyn Brown , in her essay , Great Expectations `Masculinity and Modernity ‘ which appeared in Bloom ‘s Modern Critical Interpretations by Harold Bloom , expresses

Jane Austen ‘s character , the Miss Elliot , was one such who was destined to spinsterhood , although she was not so , at the beginning of this minor work by the said author

Jane Austen ‘s novel Persuasion (c

Many would have a loveless marriage to no marriage at all (34 And so , we come to Persuasion ‘ and its primary female protagonist who is Anne Elliot

1818 ) does not have the same cult following as that of , Pride and Prejudice , Sense and Sensibility , or even Austen ‘s Emma , but Persuasion ‘ is as delightful as Mansfield Park as far as representations of romance in a heterosexual relationship is concerned Victor M

As far as the themes common to Austen ‘s narrative plots are concerned , they have generally focused on : the economic disparity amongst the various classes in English society during Austen ‘s time , the of marriage , the behavior and conduct expected of English women[ both from the English country side to the rising cities of England , and gender roles

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