bushes war on terrorism

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Paper Topic: bushes war on terrorism The War on Terrorism , initiated by the United States Government ‘s Bush Administration in a direct response to the terrorist attacks that took place September 11 , 2001 , has made consistent progress in its fight against terrorism , as this lengthy struggle has led to the major improvements with homeland security , provided the opportunity to improve technology geared towards preventing further attacks and calculated military actions that led to the capture or killing of violent radical terrorists waging war on our country September 11 , 2001 marked the worst attack on American soil in United States ‘ history , as approximately 3 ,000 US citizens were killed during a series of terrorist suicide attacks

Two of the planes were flown into the World Trade Center , one plane was flown directly into the Pentagon and the fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers rose against the terrorists causing their plan to fail (Guelke 2 ) From the moment of the attack , there was very little dispute as to who was responsible for this massacre , as international opinion immediately settled on followers of Osama Bin Laden , the leading figure of Islamic radical group Al-Qaeda (Guelke 3 ) These brutal attacks upon the people of the United States sparked what we have come to know as the War on Terrorism

Though some resistance to the War on Terrorism existed from the onset , the majority of American citizens supported the efforts and President Bush received favorable results in the polls (Guelke 187 However , over the course of time the voice of those opposing the War on Terrorism has intensified to a heated debate between American citizens and the subject has become a major in the campaign for the 2008 elections Many critics argue that that despite high-pro arrests security operations and upbeat assessments from the White House ‘ that the War on Terrorism is being lost and that a new large scale strike against America at some point appears likely (Moutot 1 ) The argument critics use to support these statements is that many believe the War against Terrorism only causes hostility towards the United States from the Muslim world

Terrorist hijackers took control of four commercial airline flights filled with passengers from the United States and other countries only to lead these individuals to their untimely death

According to Anne-Marie Slaughter , head of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University , Our insistence that Islamic fundamentalist ideology has replaced communist ideology as the chief enemy of our time feeds Al Qaeda ‘s vision of the world ‘ which breeds intense support for the radical terrorists ‘ movement (Moutot 1 As those who criticized the war at the onset , today ‘s critic argues that the justification of going to war was not a concrete concept , but rather constituted a judgment on violent actions without clear boundaries (Guelke 187 ) Alain Chouet , former officer of France ‘s DGSE , states that You do not wage a `war on terror ‘ – it ‘s as ridiculous as a `war on anger ‘ You don ‘t wage


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