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Also , when the contract had taken effect for a long time , it can only be void if one of the parties involved was unable to do his or her part of the contract but any payment done will be his or her responsibility Case 2 It the case of Adam Chandler , since there had been another party that is involved , who has the obligation to pay Chandler for the work and service that he rendered

Either way Greenlee is sure to lose the case because he is the one who does not do his part of the contract On the other hand , if Greenlee wanted to change the color so bad he can have it repainted and pay the appropriate cost

Besides , the dealer will not force Greenlee to buy the car that he do not want and Greenlee sure wanted the car before the contract had been signed A contract cannot be easily altered if one wishes to do so

In for Greenlee to achieve the color that he wanted , he is sure to pay for it and it is not a responsibility of the dealer to make such changes because he or she had already done his or her part of the contract

A contract cannot be disaffirmed because one party decided that he wanted something else especially when the other party had already done his or her part of the agreement and the affectivity of the contract had started The second thing is that Greenlee was able to use the car for a couple of weeks and he found nothing wrong with the product aside from its color

Is it Palmer Courtlandt who is originally involved in the contract or Joseph Martin who had received the service of Chandler Palmer is absolutely not responsible for paying Chandler although he was the one that is involved in the contract since he does not received the service that is in the contract

Paper Topic: BUSINESS LAW I Running Head : BUSINESS LAW 1 Business Law 1 [Name of Author] [University /Institution] Business Law 1 Case 1 In the case of Greenlee Smithe , it would be impossible to disaffirm the contract that he had with the Benz dealer

The Benz dealer had also done his or her part of the contract and had given Greenlee the metallic green Benz that he wanted in the first place

The contract that Greenlee had can be void only if the dealer agrees , something that is surely not possible

Also he can return the car to the dealer in exchange for a new one provided that he pays the depreciation value of the car and upon the approval of the dealer

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