Business Writting Communication

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The following lists recap the current problems in our review structure as well as proposed solutions Current Problems : Proposed Solutions Focus on weaknesses Review accomplishments Reviews are done without employee input Face-to-face reviews with both employee and manager Reviews linked to bonuses Bonus review throughout the year Reactionary to existing problems Proactive to potential problems I believe it would only benefit the Cooperative to review the current procedures for assessing our employees ‘ performance

When you have confirmed your availability , I will schedule the meeting and send out a memo to the managers informing them of this review Activity B : Routine e-mail Date : December 18 , 2007 To : Borealis students , Borealis staff , Borealis faculty From : College Webmaster Subject : Unauthorized websites on the Borealis College server It has come to my attention that there are several unauthorized personal websites being hosted on the Borealis College server

Paper Topic: Business Writting Communication Running Head : Business Writing Business Writing Communication Student Name Class Instructor Name Activity A : Routine memo The Maritime Fish Packing Cooperative Interoffice Memo Date : December 18 , 2007 To : Michael Foreman , President The Maritime Fish Packing Cooperative From : Judith Halls , Manager , Human Resources Subject : REVISION TO EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE REVIEW PROCESS As you are aware , the employee review process at the Cooperative is clearly in need of review , particularly in light of comments made by our worker ‘s representative and Sharon Wong It is my understanding that many of our employees are dissatisfied with the current method of review

It is the aim of the college to prevent any possible disagreements or legal actions that may occur as the result of hosting websites with content that is not suitable to education Effective immediately , I will be personally making a review of all existing websites currently hosted on the Borealis College server and giving notice to the authors of any and all which contain potentially offensive or harmful content to cease and desist

Should this warning be ignored and the website not inactivated , the website author (s ) will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of Sheila Dene , Vice-President In the

Borealis College is dedicated to meeting the needs of its students in a learning capacity

In to do so I would like to call a meeting with suggested attendance from all managers who are responsible for annually reviewing their staff to discuss options for revision

As I am sure you will agree , it is in the best interests of the Cooperative to allow our employees opportunities for advancement by focusing on their skill sets and strengths

The first notice will be in the form of a written warning to the website author

In particular , female employees should be given the necessary tools to make greater strides in this organization and realize their personal potential

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