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php ” Automobile and Light Truck Fuel Economy : The CAFE Standards (June 19 , 2003 details the history and current status of this regulatory regime The primary means of regulation is corporate average fuel economy (CAFE standards , which place a minimum mile-per-gallon usage on new automobiles

5 by 1985 Opponents of CAFE standards claim that they interfere with consumer choice and hurt the economy disallow manufacturers the lead-time to change model lines encourage drivers to hold on to older , less efficient models and lead to smaller , less safe vehicles

Because light trucks is considered a separate category from passenger automobiles , vehicle manufacturers have been able to build and market SUVs and other large vehicles with a less stringent CAFE standard , currently 20

The basic definition of a light truck–any truck or truck derivative with a gross vehicle weight rating of 8 ,500 pounds or less–allows plenty of room for family vehicles

php Sport Utility Vehicles , Mini-Vans , and Light Trucks : An Overview of Fuel Economy and Emissions Standards (April 17 , 2003

Paper Topic: cafe standards Term : CAFE STANDARDS Automobile emissions have long been regulated by the federal government not only to reduce pollution but , even more , for purposes of energy security

Responding to appeals from automobile manufacturers , the federal government decreased CAFE standards from 27

Furthermore , most SUVs and pickups , and all vans , are currently permitted to emit 29 to 47 more carbon monoxide and 75 to 175 more nitrogen oxides than passenger cars When CAFE standards were originally introduced , the situation of light trucks was radically different from today

As light truck sales increased the Department of Transportation raised CAFE standards

5 in 1990 , where it remains today Manufacturers , however , have been able to apply more lenient standards through the light truck exception , as explained in the CRS Report HYPERLINK “http /www

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