Carson McCullers :`Ballad of a Sad Cafe`

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That part of the story creates a small opening enough for the reader to take a small peak into what is ahead of the story , suggesting an ominous sign of changes in the lives of the characters , peaking at a positive light eventually dwindling down to a sad low just before the story closes its pages Further , this strongly indicates the typical ballads of the past revolving around the central themes of romance and failed relationships of the human desire to love and be loved in return , and the human incapacity to favorable romantic responses from others – all of these in the face of human isolation and the inability to maintain open boundaries with others After being married to Marvin , Miss Amelia became entirely aloof to Marvin , proof of which is her hesitance to enter into any form of marital relations with Marvin

Paper Topic: Carson McCullers :`Ballad of a Sad Cafe` Running head : LOVE AND SELF-IDENTITY IN THE BALLAD OF THE SAD CAFY Love and Self Identity [Name of author (s )] [Institution information] Set sometime from 1900s to 1920s , The Ballad of the Sad Cafe narrates the story of love expressed through the attraction and longing for romance by the three primary characters : Marvin Macy , Miss Amelia and Cousin Lymon

Marvin Macy , in his efforts to capture the heart of Miss Amelia , began to learn proper etiquette including the etiquette of reverting oneself from fighting and swearing as well as the act of rising and offering his chair to a woman After two years of attempting to reform his self , Marvin then asked Miss Amelia to enter into marriage

The author further explores the allure and uncertainty of the various characters which appear to signify the idea that the feelings of attraction and love can never be always guaranteed of being reasonable or of being clearly understood by other individuals To the disbelief of many , it was found out that Marvin Macy , the outlaw with handsomely physique , fell in love with Miss Amelia

Eventually , Miss Amelia decided to end her marriage with Marvin after ten days because she had the feeling that she was not able to fulfill the needs of Marvin and give him any sort of positive feelings Marvin then reverted to his old and dirty ways a few months after his divorce with Miss Amelia

Miss Amelia agrees even though she does not truly love him just to satisfy the will of her great-aunt It is the part of the story which introduces the central theme of romance embedded into the lives of the characters

On the contrary , the author illustrates that people will revert back to their old identities even if they have lost their drive to change if the love is truly unrequited

The author portrays love as a compelling force almost firm enough to alter the attitudes and behaviors of individuals

Yet this is not entirely the case that the author wants to imply


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