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Paper Topic: Case study Author ‘s Name Mentoring Case Study 2007 Case Study on Mentoring There is ongoing discussion and debate about the principles and benefits regarding mentoring

She was the first author on all of these s Jacob Smith , her mentor , conceived the ideas for the work , but Sara did all the experiments , interpreted the results , and wrote the s Sara is now an Assistant Professor struggling to get her first grant in to continue her oncogene research

Described as the activities conducted by a person (the mentor ) for another person (the mentee ) in to help that other person to do a job more effectively and /or to progress in their career , mentoring is hot today

The case clearly manifested what was presented in the The Business Week article titled , Mentoring Can Be Messy ‘ Betrayal was evident which caused Nichols to treat the relationship as intense , messy , and disappointing At Nichols ‘ expense , it was apparent that the mentor wanted all the credit to herself

Smith should have attributed Nichols as the original author who has the right to be also recognized and definitely this will make their working relationship healthy and longer Works Cited Macrina , Francis L

The bottom line is that successful mentoring programs save money for the institution A sample from Scientific Integrity by Francis L Macrina presented the case of Sara Nichols

There were no other coworkers who contributed to this work , and she believes the s should be referred to as Nichols and Smith

With her mentor she coauthored four very important s on oncogene expression

To avoid disenchantment and bitterness , it is just rightful that credit should also be given to Nichols as both the mentor and the mentee did the work

However , the author of the review continually refers to the contributions of these s as Smith and co-workers

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