Case Study for ABC, Inc.

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The upcoming event is barely 15 days away and Carl Robins has already assured the operations supervisor that everything will be arranged on time ROOT CAUSE of the PROBLEM The problem on the unavailability of the venue arose because it was not previously reserved for use by Carl Robin ‘s department on June 15 , or at least , its availability was not first ascertained before the event was set

Or two , Carl Robins still does not yet have a handle on the ropes because he is new to the company and the event is his first recruitment effort ANALYSIS The problem of Carl Robins is basically one of logistics

So yes , it was the lack of experience in the field which prevented him from having the event well-organized However , this predicament that Carl Robins has put himself into will teach him a lot

Case Study for ABC , Incorporated SYNOPSIS Carl Robins , the new campus recruiter for ABC , Incorporated is having a big problem regarding the upcoming new hire orientation which will be on June 15 involving 15 new hires

One , there might have been indiscriminate hiring because there might have been a need in the company for more manpower , thus , they told the new hires to attend the orientation and just let the proper documents follow

The root cause perhaps why these miscalculations of logistics is Carl Robins ‘ inexperience

His headache comes in the form of the unavailability of the venue because another department has previously reserved the use of the room , and because some of the the new hires /trainees still do not have complete documentation

Thus , I would dare say that the root cause of the problem is his inexperience

Most expectedly , he will no longer be making the same errors because he already has experience

His inexperience about the nuances of company procedure left him with a big headache

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