case study to Evaluate an International Expansion Strategy for Goya

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Despite the extensive competition from larger food manufacturing companies and the opening of American markets by European and South American suppliers Goya has been able to maintain its market leadership and develop new products and markets (Goya Foods , 1999 One of the factors cited for the continued success of the company is its marketing strategies with the Latino community

Thus , Goya considers all of these environmental forces as important factors to consider (Hoffman , 2003 Economic Forces Economic forces are important to the company ‘s marketing strategy because of its interest in retail markets

Though the other factors are also considered , they figure more significantly in the company ‘s corporate and operation strategies (Demetrakakes , 2003 Though they do not directly relate to the company ‘s marketing strategy it should also be recognized that they can impact the market effectiveness of the company

The objective of this is to investigate the environmental marketing forces that Goya considers in developing its marketing strategies , how it characterizes different subgroups in its market and the merits of expanding its target market to non-Latino consumers

In doing so , the will be able to understand the perspectives and insights that Goya has used and has become instrumental for its success (Riell , 2007 Environmental Forces Prioritized Among the six environmental forces discussed , natural , technological political and legal , economic , competitive , and socio-cultural , the last three that are considered the most in Goya ‘s marketing strategy

Paper Topic: case study to Evaluate an International Expansion Strategy for Goya Introduction Goya , the largest Hispanic-owned company in the United States , has established itself as not just a popular brand of Hispanic food products but also has become the market ‘s standard of quality and competitiveness

According to Andy Unanue , CEO-in-waiting apparent , the company ‘s sensitivity to the shifts in purchasing power and the rate of entry of alternative products has been critical Schiantarelli ‘s (2005 ) study indicates that the company ‘s sensitivity to macroeconomic factors in its major markets allows it to maximize economic growth areas

The case study of the company presented by Hoffman points out that since the Latino market will represent a substantial chunk of the consumer market , they will exert greater demand for products and may in fact shift the market towards buyers

Established in 1936 as an import company to supply the demand for authentic Mexican and Spanish cuisine , the company is now producing and developing its own products (Goya , 2007a

Considering that the Hispanic community and consumers of Hispanic food products are expected to represent 25 of the United State ‘s retail food market by 2050 , this competency is one that other companies would like to acquire for themselves (Hoffman , 2003

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