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This large number tends to be at the root of most of the security concerns the casino is required to deal with Large crowd , as any security personnel will tell you , is always a bother simply because the more the number the number of people the greater the chances of an event unfolding and then getting magnified into something bigger and harder to handle

Security concerns tend to be greater for an establishment if the facility in question stands a chance to lose a large amount of resources (either financial or of some other kind Thus banks , which hold a large amount of monetary asset , have a certain specific sort of security requirement , whereas a school or a university has a security requirement of a different kind p Like banks casinos too tend to hold a large amount of cash under its roof

In regular day life where there is little or no chance of such a congregation events such as those which convert a perfectly happy little rock concert or a football match into a blood bath seem meaningless and of little or no concern Like in a concert in a casino a large number of people tend to come together

Paper Topic: casino management Name Instructor ‘s name Course Date CASINO MANAGEMENT As we all know , every facility has security concerns that are specific to its own , personal environment

As various episodes in history will undoubtedly prove concerts can and often do end up in ugly riots which end with everything from mob violence to injuries to even deaths Now , such escalation of an event , which under normal circumstances would have been perfectly innocuous , is possible primarily because of the presence of the scores of people who come together for a concert

A large number of people (both young and old , rich and poor , men and women ) come together in a casino

It is exactly for this purpose that security management so important to a casino Security facilities in casinos are entrusted with the extremely difficult (but equally important ) job of crowd scanning and maintaining peace and quiet within premises

Given their amusement quotient these establishments are frequented by a large number of people at any given time

Well , an argument perhaps which soon converts into a heated argument or even a brawl or a far more intense duel or fight of some sort While not many establishments have the authority to prevent two mutually consenting adults from punching each others face in every establishment has the right to protect its premises from trouble makers

Being a place for entertainment casinos encourage their customers to be free with both food and wine

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