challenging learning experience

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In America sidewalks were filled with coffee shops — lots and lots of coffee shops that never seemed to run out of people

I came across quite a number of gentlemen who wore almost the same set of clothes that our Town Mayor wore when he welcomed a number of dignitaries to our town

Just like their buildings , people in America wore clothes that struck me as cold and intimidating since I had been used to seeing people wearing their best dresses only on Sundays in church

Paper Topic: challenging learning experience Name Instructor ‘s Name Sociology Date Waking Up to a New Challenge Since the moment we are born , challenges become part of our every day life One of the biggest challenges I had to face was when I was seventeen years old

In America , buildings seemed cold and intimidating While everyone in our town seemed to have the time to stop by each shop and catch up on everyone else ‘s business , people in America seemed to be always in a hurry and moved at an almost running pace

I would learn later on that these were gentlemen whose monthly earnings far exceeded some of my townspeople ‘s lifetime income The other thing that really made me realize the fact that I was in a whole different country was the language

In our town , old folks went to a familiar coffee shop for a cup of afternoon coffee

The first thing that caught me off guard was the great difference in material culture between our meek little town and the raucous American city

And so , armed with a new found source of strength and courage , I was determined to make my stay in the United States an experience that will make my family and my townspeople proud No matter how prepared I thought I was , arriving in a big and bustling city still came as a bit of a shock

But if there was one thing that school taught me , and the very thing that granted me this opportunity , it was positivism

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