Character comparison

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His overexcitement of things and wild imagination blinds his realistic picture of life and has caused harm to innocent people He only slowly regains his sanity through the help and concern of his loyal squire Sancho making him recognize the wrong approach he is taking to cure the ills of the world

Despite his insanity , he is definitely one intelligent human being who searches for real purpose and beauty in life

His character is a constant reminder that even the most intellectual or smart person can fall prey to his own imprudent actions

Don Quixote ‘s split character of madness and sanity remains a mystery in this novel leaving the readers confusing emotions towards him – is he a hero or a fool We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jacksons is a spooky , yet warm story about the conflict between self and society

Accused of poisoning her family Constance is insulted and stoned by villagers

The characters are simple child-like and extremely eccentric personalities

He is a dreamer whose visions and ideals of a better world criticize a world that has no spiritual heart

The older sister of Merricat Blackwood , Constance , is a cheerful housekeeper and concrete representation of feminine servitude

Nevertheless , for lack of strong evidences , she is sent home from the mental hospital upon the acquittal of the case She is afraid

She has become head of the family since the deaths of their parents

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